We solve device problems,
Fast and with care.

You break it, we fix it

Cellular Walk-In Clinic gave way to an idea in 2009 by it's founder Ryan Rampersad. An idea forged on a common platform that would relate to all walks of life and serve on a basis without distinction of people.

We certainly appreciate your dependence on technology for simplifying everyday tasks, and we understand the losses that downtime can bring about because of unpredictable circumstances.

Our goal is to empower you with feasible solutions and knowledgeable choices, a favourable gesture that stretches beyond the point of our personal interest.

Our facilities speak of commitment and implementation towards research technology development and the practice of successful innovation from the inside out concerning your interactions with our systems and processes.

We believe that small things can make a big impact, so we have designed a program that will march to the beat of your drum. Our team of right brain left brain doctors and nurses are willingly programmed to calculate your specific needs.

They work hard at restoring the devices you love and may console your mishaps with hugs,or celebrate alongside your newly acquired cell phones,tablets and computers with fancy looking accessories and discount goodness.