A New Era of Service

Amid the global economic and health crisis that we all face, cutting labour costs remains the only way for us to keep our doors open and your prices low. Welcome to our Online servers, giving you faster more efficient service at the same low cost!

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Start Your Repair

1) Request a quick response consult or schedule a seamless drop off or pick up using our online scheduler. This is our fastest service yet.

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We Respond Fast

2) Get a speedy virtual visit direct from our lab to help you revise repair versus replacement options or to simply confirm your repair cost and appointment if you already know what you need.

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Getting Your Device To Us

3) Choose to either physically visit our store, Mail-in your device or choose our in house Delivery Service. Some digital services can be completed remotely.

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Personal Account

4) Every active device that is checked into our lab gets a free account with full repair history access and rapid fire live updates direct from our repair benches.

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Stay Connected

5) We keep you informed  every step of the journey from start to finish until your product is complete and ready for pick up!

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Safe Payment & Pick Up

6) Everything is disinfected before entering or leaving our lab. We advise the use of exact cash, tap payment or online payment before or at the point of pickup/delivery.

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Unprecedented Times

Safe Contact Points, Sterile Lab & Real Time Update Solutions

We practice a safe mode of operation for all drop offs and pick ups. Since 2009 multiple public and privately owned Canadian sectors have utilized the services of our lab.

Fostering a COVID-19 free facility remains an all around costly priority for us to serve you safely and efficiently. Therefore, we’ve made some changes to maintain a sterile lab, fashionably low repair cost with our signature above par workmanship that Canada has come to expect from us.

Our team has leveraged advanced elements of sustainable technology as a new, safe and interactive way for us to serve you. Whether it be clear and safe communication at our physical store, virtual online video appointments or simple old fashioned audio/text contact. Expect industry leadership, safe services and greener choices when you visit with our team!

Get real time updates on your repair via text, emails or log into your online account at any time of day, to inspect or view the complete journey and status of your repair ticket. Tickets can include images and video links to the repair process of your device.

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Start Your Repair

Use our online server for price quotes, starting new repairs or just getting plain ole advise, it is the fastest form of service we offer. In just a few clicks we will be able to revise with you, repair vs replace options, or simply confirm the nature and cost of your repair request if you already know what you want.

We Respond Fast

We have many convenient option for you to connect with our service team. Introducing our new live virtual front desk where we remotely connect you directly to our front end service counter via video or voice call. Others may prefer our revised email and texting platform for less time sensitive communication. In any event, we connect with your fast and effectively.

Getting Your Device To Us

We have a safe, touch free live in person customer service interface, for all drop off and pick ups at our 619 Portage Ave location. Alternatively you can choose courier mail services or lastly you can request our limited, yet fast growing in house delivery service for pick up & delivery.

Personal Account

Everyone of our active repair customers gets a free personal account which contains their history of repairs

Stay Connected

Using our online server for booking is the fastest form of service we offer.  Set up your schedule and our team will contact you to further discuss repair vs replace options, confirm your appointment time and lastly, set you up with a free online account for getting live updates directly from our work benches.

Safe Payments

We offer forms of online payments, you can use tap at our brick and mortar store or we accept cash in the form of exact change. Pay for your device in advance prior to pick up or shipping/delivery.

A Community Event

Proactively Consider All Options

At the end of the day, every choice we satisfy to consume or compete, bears an impact on growing global efforts for cultivating a sustainable future and environment for all living creatures. Our goal is to help you weigh in all options beyond our personal gain. We all play a part in the reality of tommorow’s framework. Your choices today truly matter! Consider recycling.

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