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Choosing CWIC comes with more than innovative leadership or pride in our products, but an encounter with the heartbeat of a Friendly Manitoba culture!


619 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB R3B 2G4



Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm/ Sat Closed Temp.

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Frequent Questions


How long does it take for typical repairs?

Majority of repairs for commonly used models of phones can be completed in 30 minutes – few hours, based on requirements for some makes and models. We follow a first come, first served model. Also worthwhile noting that we offer Xpress lane service but would prefer if used only when necessary!


Where can I park?

We have assigned parking at the rear of our building. Ample parking can also be found on Portage Avenue or Furby Street. *No parking on Portage Avenue between 3:30-5:30pm or you will interrupt city transit system and get rewared with a parking ticket/tow.


Do I have to pay for you to analyze and advise me?

We check in every device with the intent to repair and hence we give you a projected cost for the repairs. We will never exceed this cost without your approval. If we cannot repair your device then there will be no cost.


What type of Warranty do your offer?

Well over 90% of our parts are sourced from Canadian vendors, and are the highest quality parts that we can offer you at the most affordable price. These parts come with limited lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover physical alterations of said part(s).